2011 Guangzhou International Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-improving Fair
2011 Guangzhou International Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-improving Fair
Short For: AVAI China 2011
Date: Aug 11-13, 2011
Venue: Canton Fair • Pazhou Complex
With China’s sustained and rapid economic development and people’s living standard significantly increased, People’s demand of house comfort becomes higher and higher. Undoubtedly, it brings a great opportunity in the air–condition industry.
In addition, the ending of the United Nations Climate Change Conference means the coming of the low carbon life time. It is not only the objective requirement and the solemnly promise that China will change its energy structure, but also presents tremendous opportunities in air-condition industry.
Guided by the low carbon concept, AVAI China 2011 which aims to better work for the “Green Healthy Comfortable Environment,” is going to hold the 4th Guangzhou International Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-improving Fair. We sincerely invite you to present in our fair and advocate the low carbon life together!
Market Analysis
As an international businessman, you must want to know the potential market before you decide to tap into China air–condition industry. You may concern:
• What is the present market of the air–condition industry in China?
• What does the potential demand in it?
• Is it a well choice to have this fair held in Guangzhou?
Following are the points:
China Market: According to the research on the consumption trend of domestic air-conditioning, Gome Group, China Market Monitor Co., Ltd and China Electronic Chamber of Commerce jointly issued “the report of consumption trends in air-conditioner market in 2011”. And in 2010, the excellent manufacturers have achieved great performance. The volume of business reached about 36.74 million sets of air conditioners in domestic market. Driven by the policies of expanding domestic demand, air conditioner has been popular on the market in 2010, which increased rapidly compared to that of in 2009. Moreover, in 2011, air conditioner will keep an increase of 6% - 10%, and China’s air conditioner will maintain a 12% -16% compound growths in the next three years.
Industry Characteristic in Guangzhou: Guangzhou, situated in southern of China, has a strong industrial base and a large number of small medium and large enterprises, is the world’s most competitive manufacturing base. It is said that 60% of the domestic air-condition manufacturers are in Guangdong Province, such as Gree, Midea, TCL, Galanz etc. This industry characteristic in this area is also a highlight of AVAI China 2011 which makes it easier to get our attendees.
Guangzhou Advantage in its weather: Temperature decides the potential chances in the air-condition industry. In Guangzhou, the annual average temperature is about 21.42℃-21.9℃ and the highest temperature record is 38.9℃. Therefore, this hot weather and huge consumer group drive air-condition equipment and ventilation industry in Guangzhou constantly growing and progressing.
In a word, AVAI China 2011 is a best place for you to build your brand, detect your future business and know more of the industry.
AVAI China 2011
AVAI China has been held for three consecutive sessions. The enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions have participated in, such as Haier, Midea, Zhigao, Tianjia, Gaoling, Lexing, Zhongyu, Xiwukangda, Beiyuan, Aolan etc. In addition, there were total 35689 visitors to present the exhibition mainly from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Britain etc.
And this time, AVAI China 2011 organizing committee will concentrate more on this fair. We aim to have 700 booths and 15,000 sq. m together. It is our mission to create a perfect platform for local as well as international suppliers and buyers in the air - condition and ventilation industry.
Simultaneous Activity
International Indoor Environmental Quality Industry Summit
2011 Guagnzhou International Humidifying & Dehumidifying Fair
2011 Guangzhou International Blower & Fan Fair
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Exhibition Scope
Air-condition Equipment: Central Air-condition, Commercial Air-condition, Industrial Environment-friendly Air Condition, Household Air-condition, Specialized Air-Condition etc.
Ventilation Equipment: Central Air-supply& Ventilation Equipment, Ventilation& Cooling System, Duct, Ventilation Control Equipment, Cold Air Machine, Air Curtain, All kinds of Fan, Fresh Air Ventilator, Air Purifier, Cleaning and Purification Equipment etc.
Air-condition& Ventilation Design and Engineering: Engineering Design Installation unit: the Engineering Fabrication and Installation Works, Air Conditioning and Ventilation System Cleaning Service for Cool Air Cleaning Engineering, Cooling Humidification Engineering etc.
Air Processing and Distribution
Air-condition and Refrigeration Series
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