Troubleshooting a Gas Furnace
Troubleshooting a Gas Furnace

Use these suggestions for diagnosing problems with your gas furnace.

No Heat
Causes: Thermostat too low; switch, fuse, or circuit breaker open; gas shut off; pilot out.

Solutions: Check thermostat, switch, and fuse or breaker. Relight pilot.

Cycles Too Often
Causes: Usually a clogged filter or a blower problem.

Solutions: Replace filter. Oil and adjust blower.

Not Enough Heat
Causes: Again, a clogged filter; burners may need cleaning.

Solutions: Replace filter. Have burners cleaned by a professional.

Blower Runs Constantly
Causes: Fan switch set for continuous circulation; limit control out of adjustment.

Solutions: Reset fan switch on furnace or have limit control adjusted.

Furnace Squeals or Rumbles
Causes: Squealing: blower belt slipping or bearings need lubrication. Rumbling with burners off: misadjusted pilot. Rumbling with burners on: dirty burners.

Solutions: Oil blower and adjust belt. Have pilot adjusted. Have burners cleaned by a professional.

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