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Seeley International is an innovative global leader in the design and manufacture of portable and ducted climate control solutions for the home, commercial and industrial markets. Our award-winning air conditioning and heating products are sold in more than 60 countries under the Breezair, Braemar, Coolair and Convair brands.

Since developing the world’s first all-plastic, non-corrosive evaporative cooler more than 20 years ago, Seeley has continuously made groundbreaking advances year after year. For example, Seeley coolers today have about half the parts of similar products, yet the performance is unmatched. Many of the components have been granted multiple international patents.

A strong focus on research and development – over $4 million spent annually – ensures Seeley meets its corporate mission of leading the industry through continuous innovation and technological advancements. For our customers, it means they own an extremely advanced product that is the best in the world.

Technological innovation is not our only priority – we also place great emphasis on producing products that are environmentally friendly and healthy. The ecological benefits of our evaporative coolers are considerable. For example:

They are up to 70 per cent cheaper to run than conventional air conditioners.
There are no potentially harmful refrigerants involved in the cooling process.
They circulate fresh, cool air – not stale, recycled air.

This focus on environmental responsibility also extends to our heating range. In 2003, Seeley reset the benchmark for gas heater efficiency with the launch of its Braemar Ecostar range of ducted gas heaters.

With an Australian-first energy efficiency rating of up to 5.4 stars, the heaters have established new standards in climate control. The ultimate efficiency of the Ecostar range saves the environment by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and saves money by extracting the maximum amount of heat from the minimum amount of gas.

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