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Few steps to repair Air conditioning service
Air Conditioner is a piece of equipment that is used both for cooling and heating purpose. It is flexible and multipurpose appliance that can be seen today in almost every house. Air condition gives a feel of comfort, enjoy and relaxation but proper maintenance is also very important of them for their long lasting use. Obviously it is not only the case of air conditioner everything requires maintenance at a certain point of time.
By properly maintaining an air conditioner, a lot of problems can be avoided. Most of the problems that your air conditioner faces is due to improper maintenance. You need to clean your air conditioner regularly in order to keep it problem free. Cleaning of grilles and filters is very essential to increase life and efficiency of the air conditioner.
Today it becomes very simple to repair and sustain your machines. There are many companies that provide you home service at low rate and good quality. You can easily do cleaning by sitting home also, it is very easy to clean and maintain air conditioner but assured tips are needed to be pursuing during its repairing. Here are some tips which one can follow while repairing it at home:

• First of all switch it off from its main power source circuit. Also shut the air conditioner 240-volt circuit at the main electrical panel.
• Collect leaves and sections away from the outdoor condenser. Spruce any scrub that might impede airflow.
• Loosen the bolt and remove the protective and the top over probe from the compressor. If the fan is also connected then do it carefully otherwise there is a chance of pulling any wire loose.
• Use a soft brush to remove the dirt from the fins and inside AC, after vacuum the fins with the help of the brush but do this with accurate care.
• Also read the manual and if you find the advice for lubricate then do it little but not in access.
• After repair the unit carefully as it is.
• Finally to test it, start the thermostat to “off”, reset the power disconnected by the compressor and from the main panel, after set the thermostat “on”. In order to evade straining in compressor, wait for at least five minutes between turning thermostat on and off.
• After run it for five minutes, then feel the two pipes that are connected to the condenser unit to the air handler.
One can easily repair it by following the above steps even if one won’t be able to repair by himself then consult the repairing services.
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