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It can be difficult to diagnose the efficiency of your heating system. How do you know if your furnace or boiler is on its way out? How do you prevent being caught in the middle of winter without heat? Some simple guidelines to look for in a furnace or boiler that may need to be replaced:

- There is rust on the equipment
- Water is leaking from the boiler
- Scaly deposits on valves and pipes
- Your home is dusty
- Your basement is sooty
- Your heating bills are excessively high
- Your heating equipment is noisy

Progressive Mechanical, your independent Trane dealer, has the answers.If your heating system is over twelve years old, you may benefit from a new, high efficiency Trane heating and cooling system. If you have an old fashioned humidifier,it can cause heat exchangers to erode prematurely. Think about upgrading to a more modern Trane humidifier for maximum results with minimum wear and tear on your system.

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