Cold Point Corp.
Cold Point Corp.

7500 Cold Point Dr.
Rome, New York 13440
Telephone : (315) 339.2331
FAX : (315) 339.2358

Cold Point specializes in the design and manufacture of Water Source Heat Pumps, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), Condensing Units, and Packaged Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners for direct replacement, renovation, or new construction applications. We also design and manufacture Custom Units for a specific need to be met by 'standard' units. Units are manufactured under the Cold Point and Adirondack-Aire brand names.

Replacement air conditioners and heat pumps are a direct physical fit to replace worn-out, inefficient units are no longer made by the original manufacturer. Cold Point's units fit the existing space, the need and expense of wall and/or room renovation, rewiring, re-piping, etc. are eliminated or minimized.

Products for new construction or property renovation include Console Water Source Heat Pumps, Vertical PTAC units, and Condensing Units.....both in-wall and remote types.

Custom units are designed from concept through to production to meet the needs of the customer. The manufacture of these units is highly dependent on close collaboration between the customer and Cold Point's engineering and sales staff. Typically, several visits to the property, with the customer, are made and before units are manufactured to assure the customunits meets the customer's criteria. Air-cooled and water source units can be customized.

All Cold Point & Adirondack-Aire products are proudly made in the USA! Our modern manufacturing facility is located in the upstate New York community of Rome, New York. Our newly constructed facility was completed in 2003 and is equipped with technologically contemporary equipment to assure each unit meets stringent design and quality standards.

One year all-parts warranty and five year compressor warranty:
We want you to remain pleased with your decision to purchase Cold Point & Adirondack-Aire products. We back that with the *best standard warranty that includes labor for the entire first year of ownership. The compressor parts warranty extends for an additional four years for a total of five years.

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